17 Free Grunge Textures

There are all kinds of different textures available, like grunge textures. Grunge textures are being used commonly for t-shirt designs, industrial design and also web design. In this round-up we present free wonderful grunge textures. Enjoy!

5 Completely Free Grunge Textures

5 grunge textures

Tileable Grunge Texture

Tileable Grunge Textures and Pattern Set 6

Hot Pink Industrial Grunge Texture

Webtreats' Hot Pink Industrial Grunge Textures 1

Grunge Extreme

Grunge Extreme 2 10

Grunge Extreme 2 05

Grunge Extreme 2 05

Free Texture Digital Grunge

Free Texture Digital Grunge 20

Grunge texture

Grunge texture

B&W grunge texture for layer T4L

B&W grunge texture for layer T4L - Looks good in different colors too!

Paper Grunge Texture

* Paper Grunge *

Spotted Aqua Paper Grunge

* Spotted Aqua Paper Grunge *

Blue grunge texture

my blog blue grunge texture

Colored grunge texture


Grunge Texture

Grunge Texture

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  1. Nora Reed

    Useful texture you shared! I will defiantly try on my graphic stuff projects :) thanks for sharing.

  2. greg

    Thanks, these are great and LOVE the textures, colors and peeling street paint!

  3. steven

    I like blue grunge textures most! looks so simple and attractive! i will try to use this texture on some banners!

  4. Rumjhum

    great grunge textures…I’m really looking for last one.thanks.

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