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With the growing use of mobile devices, there is a need to make sure that web design stays up-to-date on the trends. This will help to maintain customers and traffic to websites. Responsive web designing has become helpful in the current years. This makes sure that websites will be the proper size and format for various platforms. The size of images and icons will differ between a desktop site and mobile site. By making sure that these aspects of a website are properly designed for different formats, a site will be more reliable and useful to consumers. Consumers do not want to continually zoom into aspects of a site just to navigate from one page to the next when using their mobile device.

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There are several trends that have become staples in web design currently. One would be the Metro design that Microsoft has implemented with the launch of Windows 8. This change from a regular desktop to blocks similar to apps on smart phones was met with positive response. This use of vivid colours and a blocking system allows users to find particular applications and information that they need by scrolling through the screen instead of looking through a list or a desktop home screen.

Branding has become much more than just a label or name thrown around. Brands have now become part of the cost of products. This has led to websites posting the brand of their site all over the page. This could be through a background image, the font of the typography, or images throughout the page that show off the brand. There is also the utilization of scroll-ability for websites now. Instead of just having one sole screen of information to look at, people would prefer to just scroll down the page to look at more information at once. This also plays into the ease of navigation that consumers assume they will get from a website.

How interactive a website is now a growing trend in web design. Consumers want to be able to do different things instead of just looking at a box of text. This also means that easy navigation and easy operation of the site is imperative to continue growth of traffic to your site. Making sure that your site is easy for different consumers to use, and that it can handle growing traffic as it becomes more popular are things to take into account. Users want to feel like the website was made for them to gain the information that they want easily. It should not be a chore for a consumer to find what they are looking for. This will result in a loss of website retention and lowering of traffic towards the site. Keeping up with the current trends in web design will help to keep a website relevant and profitable.

This post is written by Ron Hunt, he works at Artful Club. he is a designer by profession.


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