10 Truly Strange Umbrella Designs

You never really think of things you use every day as being designed by someone. That plain old black umbrella you take with you every time the weatherman forecasts rain is actually useful only because it was designed to be that way. But is there a way to build a better umbrella? Check out these ten unusual umbrella ideas and see if you think they are an improvement on the original.

DIY Electric Umbrella

DIY Electric Umbrella

Make your own lit up umbrella! This easy instruction guide will help you light up a rainy night and stand out on the dark streets.

LightDrops by Sang-Kyun Park

LightDrops by Sang-Kyun Park

This awesome concept umbrella turns raindrops into electricity. Built in LED lights are powered by the rain hitting the material of the canopy. The harder the rain gets, the brighter the lights get.

Bluetooth Umbrella by Mikhail Stawsky

Bluetooth Umbrella

It is hard to carry your phone and your umbrella, so why not combine the two? This cool concept has built in Bluetooth, a microphone, and speakers! You can even listen to your music while you dance in the rain!

SENZ Umbrella

SENZ Umbrella

The SENZ Umbrella has an aerodynamic design that is supposed to keep the rain off your back. It is also designed to stand up to 70 mph winds without flipping inside-out, no matter how strong the wind and rain whips across it.

Sprout Umbrella by Matthew Swinton

Sprout Umbrella

This umbrella sprouts from the handle! The canopy is fully enclosed inside the handle and that means that when you close the wet umbrella back up there is no spill. Cool!

Eco-Brolly Umbrella by Shiu Yuk Yuen

Eco-Brolly Umbrella

This umbrella focuses on staying green. Instead of using plastic or other materials for a permanent canopy, the concept is to use whatever you have lying around. A newspaper, trash and even grocery bags can be mounted and used as a canopy on a rainy day. I don’t know how well it would hold up in a heavy rain though.

 BUMBOO by RizkiTarisa&Maximilian AjiWijoyoseno


This is a multipurpose umbrella. Not only does it protect you from the rain but the padded shaft can be folded into a pillow, unfolded into a walking stick, and even has a pointy attachment to pick up garbage. Created to help the poor, this concept seems like a good idea.

Coffee Loving Umbrella

Coffee Loving Umbrella

Helpful Umbrellas

the guide umbrella

The creative umbrella design serves as a guide of sorts with a map of the city with highlighted cafes, restaurants and hot spots printed on the outside of the umbrella.

Try carrying your tall café latté in the rains! One hand full of your stuff, the other has an umbrella….get the drift? The solution is to get a functional Umbrella, like the one designed by Jung-Woo Lee. A convenient coffee-cup rim integrated into the handle solves the issue. I say cheers to more coffee and bring on the rains!

X-Ray Umbrellas



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